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How Will We Eat and Produce in the Cities of theFuture? From Edible Insects to VerticalFarming—A Study on the Perception andAcceptability of New Approaches13.08.2019 13:19
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Zoll, Felix
Tariff Impact on Industrialization in Tanzania: Evidence from Edible Oil Sub-Sector09.08.2019 11:36
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Stahl, Karin
"They came home over-emporwered": Indentifying Masculinities and Femininities in Food Insecurity Situations in Tanzania05.08.2019 11:55
Online firstStahl, Karin
The Acceptability of Land Pools for the SustainableRevalorisation of Wetland Meadows in the SpreewaldRegion, Germany31.07.2019 11:33
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Busse, Maria
The BonaRes metadata schema for geospatial soil-agricultural research data – Merging INSPIRE and DataCite metadata schemes23.07.2019 10:18
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Hoffmann, Carsten
Narratives in REDD+ benefit sharing: examiningevidence within and beyond the forest sector23.07.2019 09:58
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Loft, Lasse
Influences of soil tillage, irrigation and crop rotation on maize biomass yieldin a 9-year field study in Müncheberg, Germany19.07.2019 12:17
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Huynh, Thanh Hien
Tolerance of three Aedes albopictus strains (Diptera: Culicidae) from different geographical origins towards winter temperatures under field conditions innorthern Germany19.07.2019 11:52
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Falland, Jutta
Efficient screening of groundwater head monitoring data for anthropogenic effects and measurement errors HESSD18.07.2019 11:10
Journal articles (other)Lehr, Christian
How much do we really lose?-Yield losses in the proximity of natural landscape elements in agricultural landscapes18.07.2019 10:43
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Glemnitz, Michael
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