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Analysis of Agricultural Drought Using Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration in a Data-Scarce Catchment02.04.2020 14:33
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Dietrich, Ottfried
The effect of biochars and endophytic bacteria on growth and root rot disease incidence of Fusarium infested narrow-leafed lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.)02.04.2020 14:25
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Wirth, Stephan
A simulated effect of wetting and drying periods for two textural soils amended with biochar at a catchment scale30.03.2020 14:15
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Gerke, Horst
Carbon–nitrogen interactions in European forests and semi-naturalvegetation – Part 1: Fluxes and budgets of carbon, nitrogen andgreenhouse gases from ecosystem monitoring and modelling30.03.2020 13:36
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Augustin, Jürgen
Potential of the economic valuation of soil-based ecosystem services to inform sustainable soil management and policy30.03.2020 13:04
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Helming, Katharina
Co2-Zertifikate für die Festlegung atmosphärischen Kohlenstoffs in Böden: Methoden, Maßnahmen und Grenzen30.03.2020 12:59
ReportsHelming, Katharina
Perception of Natural Hazards in Rural Areas: A Case Study Examination of the Influence of Seasonal Weather19.03.2020 14:49
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Stahl, Karin
Responses of soil water storage and crop water use efficiency to changing climatic conditions: a lysimeter-based space-for-time approach16.03.2020 11:42
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Gerke, Horst
 Eignung einer mehrjährigen Biogas-Blühpflanzenmischung für den Anbau auf sandigen Böden in Brandenburg 16.03.2020 11:20
Book chaptersGlemnitz, Michael
Influence of Soil Characteristics and Land Use Type on Existing Fractions of Radioactive 137Cs in Fukushima Soils27.02.2020 11:11
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)Bellingrath-Kimura, Sonoko Dorothea
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